Wednesday, 5 August 2009


The main goal of the MobileFun is to sell products, but also this web site is a reliable information service. In addition to a comprehensive range of the latest mobile goods and accessories, it provides essential information concerning mobiles. It gives practical intelligence on which the MobileFun’s customers can make the right choice.
Content is broken down into sections. You can easily find not only products you are interested in, but also different downloads (ringtones and games, etc). There is a blog section full of useful tips and articles and the forum for registered users. The list of accessories is on the left side. It is divided by manufacture, brand and type features.

There is a contextual search bar in the upper right side, so you can type you query and get the result in a moment. For instance, you can type either “iphone accessories” or “apple iphone accessories“, and almost immediately all the available products will appear on the screen. You can see the latest products and the best sellers on the main page, as well as the iphone accessories banner. These sections are displayed on the right side of the main page and can be noticed at once thanks to black-out background color.

One of the intersting features of mobile fun is that you can find a wide varieties of iphone accessories. There are iphone cases, iphone car charger and many other varieties from which you can chose on.I assure you, you will get your value worth being in mobile fun.

In regard to color solution, it definitely deserves special attention. It looks fresh, complete and very appropriate. No bright colors, everything is clean and clear and corresponds to the structure of the web site.
The overall impression is positive. The site looks good and it’s easy to navigate.