Wednesday, 5 August 2009


So I'm checking out sites for our technology piece here and I came across GearZap, "The only place where you can find everything for your Netbook and Laptop". The site is a specialist online retailer of Netbooks, Notebook Skins, netbook bag, netbook case and netbook accessories. You can also find the exact netbookcase for your Netbook, by browsing their range of Netbook accessories and for device specific accessories compatible to your present Netbooks & Laptops.

What was cool about the site is that I didn't have any issues with finding the correct size for my Notebook Case. GEARZAP.COM has 8.9" Netbook Cases, 10.2" Netbook Cases, 11" Netbook Cases, 12" Netbook Cases and 13.3" Notebook fresh is that?

Check this out...I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook... GEARZAP Skins which are are removable covers for protecting and customizing your netbook. I also found the Mugen 7800mAh Extended Battery for Acer Aspire One.

GEARZAP has accessories for Acer, Advent, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Sony and Toshiba just to name a few. I thought that GearZap's blog which gives reviews on essential accessories was very informative . The reviews and comments are cool because you can research products before purchasing it. There is nothing worst to then to buy something then find out the glitches a month after you got it.

GEARZAP blog also keeps you posted on how to install programs which cool, I know at times calling the tech department can be a difficult task. is the last but in my opinion the most important gear that I'm going to speak on.

Now that everything is “Digital” you have to have “sufficient” memory. GEARZAP has a nice list for your External Drives needs ranging from USB External DVD-ROM and CD-RW Drive to NU Netbook Dock with DVD MultiDrive, HDD & USB Hub. So stop running out to Walmart and go to GEARZAP.COM!