Saturday, 16 May 2009


Maybe you have already heard the news about how the BBC has appointed a Muslim as the head of Religion and Ethics, and if not, let me tell you about it. According to the news services, Aaqil Ahmed's appointment is controversial because it steps away from the Christian roots of England.
Andrea Minichiello Williams, a barrister with the UK based Christian Concern for our Nation (, said, “Until now, our public national broadcaster has been charged with reflecting our country’s Christian heritage and ethos. Aaqil Ahmed’s appointment is controversial because his background and previous work at Channel 4 has revealed a noticeable bias towards Islam and multiculturalism.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, senior bishops wrote to the BBC’s Director General Mark Thompson when it was envisaged that Mr. Ahmed might be appointed, to question the BBC’s commitment to Britain's Christian audience. The Archbishop of Canterbury had also raised concerns with Mr. Thompson that the “Christian voice is being sidelined” after Mr. Ahmed was first connected to the role.
Ms. Williams went on to say, “The appointment could be seen as the inevitable result of our multicultural society, in which all religions are viewed as of equal value. This is the secularist point of view—that religion should be confined to the home and the church and excluded from the public square and the workplace. A cursory survey of the Christian Legal Centre’s website ( will reveal the increasing intolerance of this ideology as far as Christians are concerned.