Saturday, 16 May 2009


Student Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loving greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus whose we are and whom we serve!
Pastor, we salute you and honestly appreciate your commitment to Lord’s work and praise God, our Father, for having chosen you to do His work. We also remember your cooperation with ICPF (Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship) ministry in the past.

ICPF, as you know, with its one target of evangelizing the postmatric and college going youth of our generation, has already impacted thousands of young men and women across the length and breadth of our country to follow Lord Jesus and be His witnesses wherever God places them.

Ministering in Nineteen states in India, ICPF has at present 100 full time staff workers and associate staffs, in addition to staffs in our musical teams.

Apart from direct evangelization, Programmes aimed at educating the public and creating awareness of the social evils and drug menace among the youth are the main concerns of ICPF ministry.

We need roughly about 10 lakhs of rupees every month to cover our expenses. So far, God had been graciously raising people to support this ministry. Most of our supporters are young men and women who have been benefited by ICPF in their personal lives.

As a Pastor, we are sure, you will appreciate how committed youths are our real hope of the future assistance of our churches. So we look forward to your more active contribution towards this ministry in the coming days. Kindly set apart this day for the students and youths in your church and try to give them ample time to share their testimony or from the word of God.
· You can encourage your congregation and decide to send a fixed monthly contribution to the ministry.
· Your church can support one staff worker (RS 6000/- per month)
· You can set apart this day in a year as a student / youth Sunday and invite ICPF team to minister in your church.
This year, ICPF has decided to set apart July 12th as ‘Students’ Sunday’. Kindly pray for the student ministries especially ICPF on that day.
We would appreciate if you could collect an offering on the occasion and send it to the ICPF Central Office or hand it over to the ICPF Senior Forum (CGPF) Secretary or Staff in your area.

As the ministry is expanding and as we aim to cover more states in the coming years, we will need more financial support and we look forward to ministers like you to help our cause. Co-operation from your church, I am sure, will help us to achieve our goals faster.
A giving church is also the growing church. So let us both grow together and glorify our Master’s name in our motherland.
God bless you and your congregation.

Yours faithfully,
Prof. Mathew P Thomas