Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Mexico City - A top Mexican drug boss was captured in a church while celebrating mass with fellow members of drug cartel, security forces said Monday.
Miguel Angel Beraza Villa, one of the country's top dealers of synthetic drugs, was among the 32 people arrested in the raid. About 250 people were worshipping in the church at the time.
Security forces stormed the church in Apatzingan in the state of Michoacan after an anonymous tip said members of the cartel were in the building.
Beraza Villa is known as the top smuggler of methamphetamine into the United States, with estimates of up to a ton of the drug brought from Tijuana into San Diego.
Weapons, hand grenades, 11 luxury cars, 13,000 dollars and 30 mobile phones were also seized in the several-hour raid that involved 200 police officers and soldiers.
In a separate raid, security forces in Michoacan captured Rafael Hernandez Harrison, aka 'The Knife', a leading member of The Family cartel that is believed responsible for the killing of 17 police officers and two soldiers in attacks last month.