Friday, 24 July 2009


The Call2All movement has grown over the last 2 years to include thousands of different ministries and organizations around the world. Top Christian leaders have met on all continents strategizing together to complete the Great Commission. It’s now time to include the next generation.
There’s a growing move of God among the young in the world. Much of the energy is coming from the global surge of prayer. God is preparing a new breed that will do great exploits in the coming years. It’s time to launch Call2All Next Generation . . . January 19 – 22, 2010 we will assemble thousands of emerging leaders from the next generation. They will come from most of the nations of the world.
This ground-breaking event will be held in Tauranga, New Zealand on the Bethlehem University campus. As Call2All it will focus on key elements in completing the Great Commission, but the forum will be dynamically different. It will be built with the supernaturally hungry young emerging leaders of the world in mind. The next generation wants an encounter, not a conference. They want to take the message of Jesus to a new level experiencing deep intimacy and unusual power. While the format will be focused on the emerging generation, those of us 30 to 60 years of age and above will play a key role. As part of this New Zealand event we will strategize with the next generation, partner and point them to the best missions opportunities.
Children will be included in this event. Five to eleven year olds, twelve to fifteen year olds and sixteen to eighteen, will all have their own equipping tracks. Some of the finest workers with children in the world are organizing these life-changing activities.
Tauranga, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the Southern hemisphere. In January it will be mid-summer. Besides the usual housing options will be the opportunity to camp on the campus property. The main meetings will be held in a tent that facilitates 10,000. There will be dozens of exhibits, workshops, and hundreds of opportunities to move into missions.
Tauranga has a 24-7 house of prayer that is fully involved with the preparation of this gathering. Just like Hong Kong, prayer leaders all around the world will be involved. Included in these 4 days will be a half a day of prayer and worship to encounter God together and intercede over the nations.
The emerging generation is deeply concerned with injustice around the globe - the millions of orphans, sexual trafficking, abortion, rampant disease, and poverty. They believe the gospel should transform cultures to bring a new way of life. Because of this experts in these areas will play a major role in this event.
The next generation of Christians want to see God’s principles lived out in family life, government, education, media, science, business and the arts. They don’t operate in a limited religious framework but want to be relevant in every area of society. This is what makes them perhaps the most exciting generation in history.
To take advantage of early registration discounts, go to click on the Tauranga, New Zealand dates. To find out more about call2all media go to
There is a tremendous amount of interest in this next generation gathering in January. It would be wise to register early. Housing options will soon be posted on our website and must be secured separately from registration. Something powerful is going to be unleashed January 2010 in New Zealand.

Mark Anderson
President GPN/Call2All