Friday, 8 May 2009


With a vacancy soon on the U.S. Supreme Court, homosexual blogs are discussing the potential of a homosexual being appointed. reports homosexual-rights groups are upset with President Barack Obama for not choosing an openly "gay" person for his Cabinet, and are urging him to appoint the first openly homosexual justice. The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund is hailing the candidacy of First Amendment scholar Kathleen Sullivan, while Stanford law professor Pam Karlan is also frequently mentioned. Both have been open about their sexuality and have been active for homosexual legal causes. Matt Barber is a spokesperson with Liberty Counsel. "Well, in light of this nation's undeniable Christian heritage, it's hard to believe we're even having a conversation about whether a sitting United States president will count deviant sexual behavior as a favorable qualification in determining a nomination to the highest court of the land," he says.

Barber offers a message for members of the Senate to send to President Obama. "We insist upon a Supreme Court justice who will strictly interpret the Constitution -- which was the clear intent of our Founding Fathers -- and not use the Constitution [or] abuse the Constitution as a means to an ideological end, which I fear this administration intends to do," he concludes. The new justice will replace Justice David Souter, who has announced he is retiring at the end of the current session.