Thursday, 30 April 2009


The meteorological office said that the daytime temperatures may continue to rise as there is no sign of relief. "There is no sign of rain - temperatures are likely to rise because of this," the official added. The hot westerly winds blowing from Rajasthan have increased day temperatures across northern India. The maximum temperatures are hovering five degrees above average, the official said.
NAGPUR: Vidarbha sizzled under heat-wave conditions on Wednesday, with Nagpur registering the country's highest temperature of 47.1 degrees Celsius,
which is 5 degrees Celsius above normal. This broke Nagpur's all-time April high of 46.1, recorded in 1942. Wednesday's high was a sharp rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius from Tuesday's maximum of 45.6 degrees Celsius.
According to deputy director general of meteorology (Pune) A B Majumdar, this was indeed a very high temperature for the region for this time of the year. "Regions like Rajasthan and parts of Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha and Chhattisgarh are experiencing heat-wave conditions," he said. Nagpur beat Akola to the top spot on Wednesday by a tenth of a degree Celsius.
The maximum temperature recorded in Akola was 47 degrees Celsius. Other stations in the region which recorded temperatures over 45 degrees were Chandrapur at 46.5 degrees Celsius, Wardha 46 and Bramhapuri 45.9 degrees Celsius.
The met department has said that the temperature will continue to hover around this mark and may well head further north in the next few days. As for those who had to go out in the heat, it was nothing less than torture.
S Pushkar, a first-year engineering student, who appeared for his university examination on Wednesday, said he had a tough time coming back home after the paper. "Our exam ended at 12.30 pm, and it was sheer torture riding my bike on the way home," he said. "Not only did my eyes water, and my hands were practically blistered on touching the metallic surfaces on my bike. My exposed skin seemed to be burning. By the time I reached my home, I was completely exhausted. One of my friends is down with a severe headache since reaching home, while another has high fever now,"
Pushkar said. Professor N V Chaudhari said, "It was indeed a scorching day. I felt it after going out for just a few minutes around noon. However, I was in a car, bike riders must have been much worse for the wear." Another student, Shweta Muley said, "I had planned an outing with friends today, and the heat was simply unbearable. Even sitting in the shade or in a room did little to temper the heat! However, I was looking forward to meeting my friends today, and I somehow managed to disregard the heat."
Table: Temperatures in Vidarbha Station Max (deg C)
Nagpur 47.1, Akola 47.0 ,Amravati 44.5, Brahmapuri 45.9, Buldhana 43.2 ,Chandrapur 46.5, Gondia ,Washim 43.8, Wardha 46.0 ,Yavatmal 44.2.