Saturday, 17 January 2009


When marking a Bible, a person highlights certain verses with notes on which verse to turn to next. The verses tell the story of salvation, said Marlene Parker, who is organizing the Conroe church’s efforts.“This is the first time our ladies’ group has done this,” Parker said. “We were surprised when the prison chaplain said the prisoners prefer the King James or New King James Bibles.”[adsys_ad::instory]-->The St. Mark ladies chose to send the books to the Coffield Prison because members of the congregation know one of the inmates there.The Bibles were purchased through church donations, but they were bought at a discounted price through All Christians Together Serving (ACTS) ministries.The nonprofit organization was founded in 1994 and has since delivered 352,000 Bibles across the world, about 30,000 a year.“God blesses us,” ACTS’s executive director Paul R. Seiler said. “We just started in Texas and it went all over the world.”While many Bibles are delivered to prisons, they are also given to anywhere a group sees a need. The volunteer organization is run out of Seiler’s home, near Ft. Hood, and he sent several Bibles oversees with soldiers headed to Iraq.“It’s just awesome how the Holy Spirit works,” Seiler said.ACTS works with any organization wishing to purchase Bibles to give away. The organization has a partnership with International Bible to purchase the books at a discounted price.“Our mission is to get involved in congregations and to get them involved in their own county,” Seiler said. “One church in Houston has marked about 8,000 Bibles. I just do networking for them (the organizations). It’s a team effort.”