Thursday, 4 December 2008


Man Uses Cell Phones to Evangelize
While waiting in line at the bank yesterday, all around were cell phones ringing non-inspiration, meaningless noise. It made me think that Jesus would not like these lyrics that seem not appropriate to be broadcast by cell phones, especially at the Christian credit union. It seems that all around us now a days, there are cell phones ringing ungodly, intrusive, or satanic ring tones that misdirect people who are in need of hope and faith? Just look around and one can come to the realization that, Satan is taking over the world using cell phones. With that in mind, we must fight fire with fire, and use the cell phones as modern Christian armor. A cell phone in the hands of a good Christian is a powerful weapon against Satan. Knowing that the spiritual battle has now come down to using the cell phone to spread God's word, it made perfect sense that the next stop after the bank was the Sprint store. It was time to upgrade to a high-bred cell phone. After testing a bunch of phones, the Motorola V950 was definitely the best sounding. Now it was time to go home and start searching the web for some Christian and Christmas ring tones. Right away I landed the mother load of quality Christian ringers,
After reading some news articles about, it was obvious that this is a honest company, working for Jesus, and dedicated to the Emmanuel Orphanages of Tijuana. A nice feature is that there is no subscription required, and you can download one ringtune at a time with no other commitments. A really positive feature is the profits from goes into the Emmanuel Orphanage fence building fund. Also it is free to preview over fifty great Christian and Christmas ring tunes. After researching the Emmanuel Orphanage, I found some information on them. They are a non-denominational Christian ministry that provides homes, education, medical care and love to nearly 150 children rescued from the streets of Tijuana. It houses young boys from age 5 - 18 years of age. In 2006, Emmanuel Orphanage opened the first facility for homeless and sexually exploited girls. When a person downloads from, the Orphanage is one step closer to having a fence that is desperately needed to protect the children.
So when it comes to spreading the word of our Lord and Savior to the people in need of faith and spiritual uplifting, Christmas Ringtunes seems to have something for everybody. Within seconds from listening to the very first ring tune, I started praising and giving thanks. What a blessing. With God s word and spiritual enlightenment, Christians should be aware of the power of our cell phones ring tunes.
It should not be left unsaid, that anyone using their cell phone as a ministry to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, can expect to be blessed. Other great biblical ring tones at are "Believe In God", "Jesus Said" , "Holy Holy Holy" and "Jesus Loves Me". I called this organization customer support line and found that they call back right away with excellent support and I was reassured a successful ring tone download, or there is no charge.
Some other favorites are "No Christmas Without You", listed as number 53, and for all of the seniors and people that enjoy the spirit of Christmas, "O Holy Night" by the artist Gilia is a blessing. Other great ringtunes are "The First Noel", "Silent Night", "12 Days of Christmas", "Away In A Manger" and "Hark The Herald Angels Sing".

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