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NEW DELHI - " GLORIA DEO " The biggest international christmas music concert is going to be held on december 7th,5 pm, in New Delhi at pragadi maidan. India's most famous seven christian singers are going to be a part of this programme.
All are invited to attend this concert in which bollywood's guest and some sport's personalities are also going to attend. Entries are restricted through passes only . for passess please do contact : 09873566019, 09818279836, 09810016903
just a short glimpse of the singers:

BENNY PRASAD: " Born on 6th August 1975, in Bangalore, India, Benny was the first of his generation in the family. His birth was celebrated with the highest of hopes for his future. But his was not a promising start - HE SUFFERED FROM SEVERE ASTHMA which required him to take cortisone steroids from which he DEVELOPED RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, 60 % LUNG DAMAGE AND AN IMMUNE SYSTEM REGULARLY FAILING HIM, which threatens his life even to this day.
But from that moment to the present, he has performed before PRESIDENTS AND PARLIAMENTS, BEFORE THE CROWDS OF 2007 MILITARY WORLD GAMES, 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP AND THE 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES. He has TRAVELLED TO MORE THAN 158 COUNTRIES (MARCH 2008) performing music, earning him the honor of being THE MOST TRAVELED INDIAN MUSICIAN (LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS). Where he had once been a destroyer of creativity, he has won renown by designing two guitars (THE WORLD'S FIRST BONGO GUITAR AND A 54 STRING GUITAR, THE BENTAR). Today, through his music, Benny brings the Hope in God to thousands of people, traveling to 40 - 50 countries every year. Benny says, "If I could be made useful, any one in this world can. If my dreams can come true, yours can too. My sin and shame has been exchanged for righteousness and new life by the ALMIGHTY GOD WHO DIED TO SET ME FREE. For those with no hope, there is more to life than what today holds. I thank God that I did not end my life but rather chose to live through shame and failure so that today I'm able to be a blessing to the World. Remember, you are never too bad or sinful for God to redeem and transform

ANIL KANT & TEAM: ANIL Kant has achieved International acclaim as a singer, song writer, and worship leader in recent years having led worship in many countries all over the world, and recorded 7 albums in the last 5years of ministry. He is also the Executive Director of Trinity Sounds Pvt. Ltd having produced and directed many projects for his Recording Company. Anil Kant comes from a Hindu-Punjabi family. His parents, being very devout and religious, taught Anil Hindu scriptures from a young age. Music was an integral part of Anil's life. In spite of the regular spiritual guidance from his parents; Anil still knew that something was amiss and from a young age had a quest for a close relationship with God.

STEPHEN DEVASAYA: He started a band when he was 19. Franco Simon [singer] and Sangeeth [not our Sangeeth] was a part of it. They called it ‘SEVEN’. They music directed and sang in lot of albums and devotional albums. They released an album – ‘YEH ZINDAGI’, since it was a Hindi pop band. He is the keyboardist of a gospel band called ‘REX BAND’. Through this band he played in front of the late Pope John Paul II in Toronto on World Youth Day. Music director and SS music trainer Alphonse Joseph is also a part of this band. His first solo album was released by this band. He music directed and played the piano in the album – ‘DIFFERENT VIBES’ released by this band. He plays the following types [models] of keyboard:• KORG TRITON• KURZWEIL K 2600• And a modulatorNow, he’s one of the highest paid keyboardists in India. He is now settled in Chennai.

TARA MATHEW: Tara Mathew has always been a gifted singer and during her teenage years won a number of respected music awards including 'Most Outstanding Jazz Soloist' as well as performing nationally on radio and TV on many occasions. She also represented the government as Canada’s Musical Ambassador, which led to her singing at many official government functions including performing in Mexico at a major trade mission. The highlight of her early career was being chosen to sing the opening song to the ‘97 Canada Games and she also joined many leading artists when she sang at the Pan-Am Games, which was opened by Celine Dion.
She graduated with a Bmus in Applied Voice from Brandon, one of Canada's premier universities of music, with one of the highest marks awarded for voice in over 30 years and was offered a place at the Salzburg Mozarteum in Austria, for which only 20 vocalists are selected worldwide each year. Tara had a glittering career ahead, but in 2001 she felt called to help others and traded it all in for missionary service. And for the next 5 years she was to live in India working with homeless and victims of AIDS & Leprosy.
Music was never far away and Tara soon made use of her vocal talent as part of her mission work. Then in 2006 she was seen singing at an outreach event in Bangalore and was asked to perform at Gloria Deo. Gloria Deo is India's (and Asia’s!) biggest televised live Christmas concert that is broadcast virtually worldwide and that Christmas, she shared the stage with a line-up of international performers and Bollywood stars.
Following this, in 2007 she returned to Canada with her husband Jim, who she had met in India and their young daughter, Natasha, but to her surprise it wasn't long before she would return to perform in India again.
UK songwriter/producer, Kevin Wilson had been booked to perform at the 2007 Gloria Deo shows in Bangalore, Trivandum & Sri-Lanka, but unexpectedly his lead singer had to pull out just before the dates. Following an amazing and complex string of events, Tara was introduced to him and became his new lead singer. Following the success of the shows, they formed a musical partnership and Tara signed to Kevin's Devon based production company and record label, Media Ministries.
Work on an album had begun, but they were again booked for the 2008 Gloria Deo shows (this time taking place in Germany, India and Nepal) with a specific request for one of the songs that they had performed the previous year. The song was called Christmas Present and it had special memories as over 5,000 people had joined in on the choruses at itsor Christmas

BONNY MATHEWS: The person behind the live jam project. A renowned christian singer thought the globe. through his music many have been healed and came to christ. A youth icon the best word to describe him.
YESHUA BAND: Christian rock band from Mumbai, India. We play hard gospel rock & sing jazzy numbers.All the members of our band, all guys, are very young, from the ages of 19-25.We have been inspired by various international artists & bands.
We have an album called 'Yeshua'. an album which created a afever among the youths which contains the famous song " yeshu tera naam ".

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