Monday, 8 December 2008


...In a few month, after the death of a number of people resulting of casting of spells, after a NDE (Near Death Experience), a suicide attempt, and a one week stay in a psychiatric hospital...
At the age of 15, I was placed in an institution for teenagers with family problems. However, a number of older guys were also admitted, namely, ex-prisoners, troublemakers, drunkards and drug addicts.
From the first week of my stay there, I was initiated to smoke cannabis which had a great and immediate impact on me. The following day, I went to town to buy more and from that moment onconsumed in great amounts. When I was short of drugs, I stole medicines or alcohol. I took as much as I could until I got "high." I sniffed all sorts of powders, took pills as well as LSD. Consequently, I started to be very depressed, paranoiac and had great anguishes. I was trying to fill a void that seemed to be getting deeper as years passed by. I was incapable of working so was taught how to steal cars, break into stores, drug traffic, etc. until I was arrested by the police and hated them. I was a runaway and was becoming a delinquent.

One by one, my friends started to die around me from heroin and LSD overdoses, or motorcycle accidents. One of my last friends who was only 32 years old died of premature old age due to metabolic dysfunction. I was feeling useless and lonely cut out of social interactions and, having lost all motivations, wanted to die as quick as possible.

Out of curiosity I started to practice white magic, and soon enough, in an empirical and instinctive manner, I got involved in occultism. I began to discover my spiritual aptitudes and became interested in oriental mysticism. I immediately noticed that I had special "powers" such as the ability to see a person's aura as well as divination etc. I was so fascinated with these powers to the point of finding out how far my capabilities could go... until I found myself involved in black magic.

In a few month, after the death of a number of people resulting of casting of spells, after a NDE (Near Death Experience), a suicide attempt, and a one week stay in a psychiatric hospital, I decided to change the course of my life. I stopped taking harmful substances, as well as meat. I tried to remake a good "karma." I was 19 years old then and assiduously practicing both yoga and sports. I tried to purify my body and spirit but by the end of six months of this intensive regimen, I had this inner revelation: Living the most dissipated or the most ascetic life possible will not draw me an inch closer to God. I decided, therefore, to live an "average" life, which was, in my own point of view, neither too good nor too bad.

I hated Christians. However, one day, I accidentally found myself,, in one of their meeting. While a young guy was preaching, I saw his aura. I have never seen something as clear, as powerful, as great, as pure. I knew inside me that he had the ultimate spiritual power and I undoubtedly wanted to possess this power. "Unfortunately," he was only talking about Jesus Christ and the cross. Nevertheless, I decided not to let him go until I discovered his secret.
So as I went back to another meeting, he invited those desiring to receive the power of God to go to the front. I told myself that it was my opportunity to receive this unlimited power to be able to use it as I wish. I went to the front. And there, in my spirit I just felt Jesus Christ presence’s and saw His cross. At this very moment, I had the inner conviction that I had to make a choice: that of accepting or rejecting Him. I chose the latter. However, a moment later, God spoke in my spirit and showed me that I had to accept Jesus because if I insisted on living this kind of lifestyle, I would only have six months left to live.
Since I have already undergone a NDE, I knew that I wasn't ready to die, and that I had to better get right with God or I will be going to a place of big torment after I have given up my last breath. So, in spite of my repulsion and knowing that I didn't have any choice, I put my pride aside and accepted Jesus Christ and His cross in my life in order to be saved and be set free.

That was in September 1977 and since that day, everything began to change... the direction of my life, my motives and objectives... As it is written in the Bible: If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new(2 Corinthians 5:17. A slow healing process started to operate in my physic, affects, emotions and intellect, repairing my wounds and hurts. It would be too long here to tell you all the miracles God did for me.
Today, I am immensely grateful to God for His patience and for not having given up on me, for having "succeeded" in saving me, in spite of myself. Moreover, I give thanks to Jesus Christ who has saved my soul by dying in my place and by paying the consequences of my mistakes, thereby, changing my final and eternal destination.

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